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There are many methods of saying no to cigarettes and tobacco. Many are the same way you might say no to going to a friend’s house if you have something else to do. This is your decision, no one can make you smoke or use smokeless tobacco products.


Be direct and to the point:

“No, thanks, I don’t smoke.”

“No thanks, I don’t do that.”


Be funny and light:

“No thanks, I just washed my hair.”

“No thanks, yellow teeth clash with my smile.” 


If pressured further, turn the tables:

“Do you think lung/mouth cancer is cool?”


Or don’t stick around to be pressured. Just politely turn and walk away after saying no.  If you are in sports, remember that you’ll play better when you can breathe well.  Even one cigarette causes shortness of breath.  If you feel you are being threatened to “do it or else”, go straight to the nearest adult.

how to say no 

say no
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