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criminal liability

The Arkansas Social Host Liability Act 976 (HB 1586) provides criminal liability for a social host who knowingly serves alcohol to minors and/or who knowingly allows minors to consume alcohol on his or her property.

if your child is hosting a party...


  • Agree on a guest list-and don’t admit party crashers.

  • Discuss ground rules with your child before the party.

  • Encourage your teen to plan the party with a responsible friend so that he or she will have support if problems arise.

  • Brainstorm activities for the party.

  • Set a time for the party and stick with it.

  • Don’t be the only chaperone. There needs to be more than one adult in attendance.

  • If a guest brings alcohol into your home, ask him or her to leave.

  • Do not allow partygoers to leave the party and return later.

  • Serve plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Be visible and available and conduct a “walk through” throughout the party, but don’t join the party.

if your child is going to a party...

  • Find out if a parent will be present and check that the event is actually going to happen.

  • Make sure that the parent who will be the chaperone has a way to contact you if anything happens.

  • Be aware of who your teens’ friends are and what their contact information is.

  • Try to stay up until your teen comes home to observe their speech, coordination, and behavior.

suggestions for preventing an underage drinking party at your home

  • Take your teen with you on an overnight trip. You might think you trust your teen, but be aware that your child’s friends and even acquaintances may come to visit your house bringing alcohol and expecting a party.

  • If you can not take your child with you on an overnight trip, have a trusted older adult relative or adult friend stay in your house with your teen. This can guard your teen and your house.

  • If your teen must stay in your house without an adult while you are gone, tell your child exactly what you expect. Things like no house parties, no drinking, and that your teen will call you (or the police) if either of these two things starts to happen in your house. Ask neighbors to watch out for activity at your house while you are gone and make sure and tell your child you have done this.

hosting a party

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