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Being around secondhand smoke for two hours is like smoking four cigarettes.  Even a few minutes in car with a person smoking a cigarette can be detrimental to the lung development of children.  Kids who have parents who smoke are 3.3 times more likely to start smoking themselves.  Arkansas was the first state to create a “No Smoking In Cars” law.  The current law prohibits smoking in all motor vehicles carrying a child up to the age of 14. Breaking this law is considered a primary offense. Law enforcement officers have the right to pull you over for this violation.  Penalties for violating this act include a fine of $25. But, any first offender proving they have entered a smoking cessation program may have his or her fine voided.

For more information on Act 811 click here.

For more information on quitting click here.

you owe it to yourself
and to your children to quit!

act 811:

arkansas protection from secondhand smoke for children act

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